Why Salitair?

Salitair is a highly successful respiratory aid for easier breathing that offers a range of advantages over alternative treatments.

100% natural, drug-free treatment

Unlike steroid treatments and inhalers, Salitair is a totally natural therapy. There is no risk of addiction, dependency or overdose. It is also completely safe to take Salitair alongside prescribed medication, it will not interfere.

No side effects

Antihistamines typically given to treat allergies and hayfever can often make users drowsy and impair ability to concentrate, drive or operate heavy machinery. Salitair has no side effects.

Clinically proven

Salitair is certified as a Class I Medical Device and has been highly praised by a number of leading health professionals worldwide. In turn, salt therapy has been shown to be highly effective in a number of clinical trials on a variety of breathing problems and allergic conditions. You can read more about clinical studies on speleotherapy here

Quick and easy to use

Some treatments designed to cleanse the respiratory system such as nasal douches can involve quite a messy and sometimes unpleasant procedure. Treatment with the Salitair is simple, takes only 15 minutes per day and can be carried out whilst watching TV or reading.

Great value and long life span

Closed salt pipes have a limited lifespan before the salt dries out and treatment becomes less effective. The Salitair is refillable, allowing you to refresh the salt to maintain optimal treatment and prolong the life of the product.


Being able to empty the Salitair also means you can thoroughly clean the inhaler with warm soapy water to keep the device free from germs and bacteria. Closed salt pipes can only be cleaned with a cloth to prevent the salt getting wet.