Salt Therapy

Seaside Taking a trip to the seaside “to take the sea air” has always been very popular.  For years during the summer months, the seaside town of Skegness became known as “Little Leicester” as the hosiery workers from the East Midlands factories took up residence there during the firms’ fortnight off.

Two weeks by the sea was not only seen as a holiday getaway but also the perfect antidote to the symptoms of respiratory ailments picked up in the cramped and hot workshop environment. The health benefits of the salty sea air were always highly regarded as a “folk remedy” and passed down through the generations as a natural way to ease respiratory illnesses.

During the Second World War, salt mines were frequently used as bomb shelters. Many asthmatics who had sheltered in the salt caves reported their symptoms were greatly improved afterwards.

This anecdotal evidence led to a strong scientific interest in the benefits of salt therapy for respiratory disorders. Sure enough a great number of clinical studies found that inhalation of salt infused air is highly successful in treating a range of allergies and disorders of the respiratory system. You can read more about the clinical research into Salt Therapy here.


Speleotherapy and the benefits of a trip to the salt mines

Salt therapy mineThese many benefits of Salt Therapy or Speleotherapy as it is also called, have been well known in continental Europe for some time.  They understand the benefits of Speleotherapy and how the dry aerosol micro particles of salt can treat respiratory ailments such as asthma and bronchitis.  However, to feel the benefits of salt therapy in Poland, Romania, Hungary and Germany, sufferers do not head for the seaside, they head for the Salt Mines!

A spell in the salt mines, once regarded as a statutory punishment for dissidents committing offences against the state, is now a very high-tech and often luxurious treatment centre for those with respiratory ailments. The salt mines in the Ukraine and the Praid salt mines in Romania in particular have been transformed into modern clinical centres providing Speleotherapy treatment for over 10,000 people every year. Temperature in the mines all year round is a steady 22˚c and visitors sleep on beds in alcoves carved out of the salt breathing in the warm salty air to treat their breathing conditions.


How does Salt therapy work?

The tiny salt particles in the Salt Mine air are breathed into the respiratory system and immediately get to work cleansing the airways by helping to dissolve phlegm and kill any infectious micro-organisms present.  The salty microclimate also stimulates the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms to further aid in the removal of foreign bodies to relieve infection and soothe irritation.

How can I benefit from Salt Mine Therapy?

Whilst you could of course take a trip to one of the many therapeutic salt mines active in Eastern Europe, this is perhaps not the most practical of treatments.

That’s why Salitair has been developed to replicate the Salt Mine’s salty microclimate within an inhaler you can use in the comfort of your own home.  By breathing in through the Salitair, you take in the salt infused air to cleanse the airways just like in a salt mine.  The inhaler need only be used for 15 minutes a day to feel the full benefits of a healthier respiratory system and relief from illness.  Order Salitair salt inhaler today to have the benefits of salt therapy delivered direct to you door!