We receive letters and emails on a weekly basis praising the Salitair and the life-changing effects its natural therapy can offer.

Fast and effective drug-free treatment

In just a short time, Salitair can ease symptoms of a very wide range of conditions, even if they have resisted previous treatment. In addition, the Salitair inhaler is also an entirely natural and drug-free therapy.

Satisfied Salitair user - Christine“I think Salitair is wonderful. My daughter has coughed since birth, she is now 15. She has had various inhalers which do not seem to help. She has used the Salitair for two weeks and within three days her cough was gone and she now uses it to maintain this. The other thing that is wonderful is no chemicals. I cannot praise this product enough. Christine Gillgrass – Heckmondwike

Relieves even long-lasting conditions

Even when other treatments and medication have failed, the Salitair’s natural and effective therapy can help. The salt therapy cleanses the entire respiratory system to ensure all parts are working at their best.

“I have been using Salitair for just over two weeks now and it is great. I have had breathing problems for some years but now I have clear nasal passages and I have my sense of smell back! Thanks to you and to Dr Chris!” Derek Bower – Doncaster

Improves respiratory health

Salitair does not only help to relieve the symptoms of existing breathing problems but also improves the overall day-to-day health of the respiratory system to protect against infection.

“This device works. I purchased this one for my son who also has chest issues. Mine has given me the first chest infection free winter in the last 10 years. Use as directed and get real relief” – Derek A

Easier, deeper breathing

Improved respiratory health also means that breathing becomes easier and deeper, taking in more oxygen for a range of health improvements.

Satisfied Salitair user Mrs Hammond

I decided to take a ‘free flow’ reading before starting to use Salitair – it was 290. Now, a few weeks later, I am getting readings of 450. Salitair is fantastic and not only has my health improved dramatically, I have also been able to give up my dependence on steroid drugs.I still carry my Ventalin as a precautionary measure but amazingly, I have not had to use it for weeks. I am also delighted that for the first time in four years, and since moving to the country, I have been free of using antihistamines. Salitair has in short, been the answer to all my respiratory and allergy problems”.  Mrs F Hammond