What Is Salitair?

Salitair is a refillable salt inhaler medical device that offers the natural benefits of salt mine therapy in the comfort of your own home. Designed to recreate the microclimate of a therapeutic salt mine, the Salitair cleanses the respiratory system to flush out impurities and improve the overall health of all areas involved in breathing. 

Cross section of a Salitair inhaler

The lightweight plastic device has a central salt chamber between two filters and an ergonomically designed mouthpiece. Treatment is simple, you need only breathe in through the device and out through your nose for 15 minutes per day.

When you breathe in, the moisture of the passing air absorbs ions from the salt as it passes through the central chamber. These ions cleanse the respiratory system as they pass through before being breathed out through the nose. The treatment also boosts the body’s natural self-cleansing mechanisms to further help rid the respiratory system of impurities and ease irritation caused by allergies and infection.